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Short Words “Rainy Season”

Rainy Season: Rainy season  is a lovely season for all of us. Usually, this comes in the month of July and goes in the month of September. This comes after the hot summer season. It brings a hope and life for every living organism present on earth, which ends due to the sun’s heat. It gives great relief to people due to its natural and cold rainwater. Due to the heat due to which the river and the pond dry, they are again filled with rainwater, and the water bodies get a new life. It gives their greens back to gardens and plains. Rain gives a new beauty to our environment, although it is a sad fact that it lasts for just three months.

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In addition to the common man’s life, the highest importance of rainy season is for the farmers as there is an excessive requirement of water for cultivation so that crops do not lack water. Generally, the farmer maintains several pits and ponds that can be used for rainwater when needed. In fact, the rainy season is a boon given by God to the farmers. When there is no rain, they pray to Lord Indra for rain and ultimately get blessings of rain. Clouds are clouded in the sky because black, white and gray clouds travel around here in the sky. The roaming clouds keep water with them and when the monsoon comes, it rains.

About Rainy Season Essay Word

The beauty of the environment increases with the arrival of the rainy season. I like greenery very much I usually go out with my family to take pleasure in the rainy season. Last year I went to Nainital and that was a good experience. Many clouds filled with clouds filled our body in the car and some got out of the window. The rains were getting very slow and we all were enjoying it. We also enjoyed boating at Nainital. Nainital full of greenery seemed very amazing.

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