Raksha Bandhan: Essay in English Raksha Bandhan 300 Words

Raksha Bandhan:’Raksha’ means protection, ‘Bandhan’ means bound of binding. Raksha Bandhan symbolizes a relationship between brother and sister. Sister ties a band on her brother’s wrist praying for his well being.

In return, the brother promises to protect her sister in any situation. Therefore, Raksha Bandhan is a festival which symbolizes the love and affection among the sisters and brothers.

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Raksha Bandhan Essay on Paragraph

The Savan Purnima is celebrated all over the country in one form or the other. Most commonly it is celebrated as the Rakhi Purnima or Raksha Bandhan. Full moon day is considered an auspicious day of this holy month and is of great importance.

In India, all the women start preparing for the festival, like making sweets, bringing, or making the colorful threads or rakhis, which they tie on their brother’s wrist.

Any festival seems to be incomplete without the singing, dancing, lots of noise, exchange of sweets and gifts. All the family members gather and then the festival is celebrated.

On this day, mainly the sisters tie the threads, bands, or rakhis on their brother’s wrist. Rakhi is a sort of band that strengthen the love and affection of a sister and brother.

After tying a rakhi, sisters give some sweets to their brothers and pray for their well-being. The brothers in return for this give some gifts as a token of love and promise that they will protect their sisters in her thick and thin.

Short Word About Essay Raksha Bandhan

Although this is a North Indian festival but is celebrated all over India. In some part of the country, it is known as Rakhi Purnima, Nariyal Purnima, Kajari Purnima, etc In India, it has been a very old tradition of sending rakhis to the soldiers who are performing their duties in the protection of the country. Girls from all over the country send Takhi to soldiers.

Now a day’s many people are living far from their families, who are unable to visit their home on this day, they send the cards through email or posts. This is the new mode of sharing their love and affection towards each other.

Rituals may differ from region to region but carry the same meaning. It is seen in the modern days that significance of such festivals is decreasing. We should make our efforts to keep them alive.

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