Save Earth : Save Earth Essay in English

Save Earth : Earth has formed about 4.6 billion years ago. At first, it was a molten ball, but it gradually cooled and a thin crust formed. Around the sun, lumps of rocks joined to create small bodies and like the sun, they became hot. But because they were smaller they soon cooled down and became planets

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Short Words of Save Earth Paragraph

Save Earth : Earth is the third planet of the solar system. The earth looks round but it is said that it is not a perfect sphere. The distance around the earth is 40,024 km at the equator. Its radius is 6400 km. The weight of the earth is trillion tons. The angle tilts over at an angle of 23.450. Earth also has its own natural satellite called the moon.

The earth keeps rotating and revolving around the sun. The earth completes one rotation in 24 hours. This makes one day. The sun seems to rise and set in one place. This is because of the earth’s rotation we see day and night. When the earth is facing the sun, its day and when it is not, it is the night. In the world, there is always a different time zone for different countries.

Save Earth Paragraph for Student

The earth is also revolving around the sun. The earth’s entire journey around the sun takes 365 days to complete one round. This is the reason why there are 365 days in a year.

The earth is surrounded by a think blanket of gases called atmosphere. The earth is the only planet having life on it. Life on earth had been possible because of the few important elements present on it like air to breathe, and water. The atmosphere that comprises of gases like oxygen, which breath, has made life possible on earth.

The three-quarter of the surface of the earth is covered by ocean and seas. There are five great oceans – The Pacific, the Atlantic, the Antarctica Ocean, and the Arctic Ocean. The rest of the part of the earth island.In this small place, there are many continents. Millions of people live on earth

The earth is a beautiful planet. It has oceans, seas, forests, mountains, and many countries. It is the only planet having a life. Living beings like human, animals, and plants are surviving only because of the elements of life present here and the temperature of the earth. The elements on earth are in danger now. The water levels are depleting, air is getting polluted and the forests are being cut down. It is now a subject of worry to save life on this planet.

Earth is a part of the universe and we are a part of the earth. It is now our responsibility to save our planet earth.

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