Save Tree: Essay on Save Tree in English Paragraph 400 Words

Save Tree: Tree are nature’s gift to man. It helps us to survive in many ways. It is the home for many living things like birds and animals. Trees give us food and many other products. Humans have used almost any and every tree to their benefit. Trees are life to many animals that entirely depend on trees.

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Save Trees Essay in English for Student

Trees are immensely useful to us. In forests, many animals stay on the trees; others come to them to rest or to feed. Still, others use them to raise their offspring. Humans are using trees for its wood, by which many things like furniture, paper, etc can be made. Some trees are used for medicine, rubber, fruits, etc. For all these uses, it has been seen that trees are been cut at a very large scale.

These days, forests are getting clear by cutting trees for making factories, new townships, wider roads, railways, entertainment centers and so on. This is resulting in many problems like pollution, global warming, soil erosion, and many birds and animals.It is high time that we should now start saving trees. There are many reasons to save trees. Few of the main reasons why trees should be saved are mentioned below.

Trees help clean the air, reducing heat, and absorbing pollutants, provide cool shade to animals. Tree battle soil erosion saves fresh water, and after the storm reduces water flow and deposits. trees give us food such as fruits. These provide us with excellent nourishment. the wood from some trees such as teak, walnut, rosewood, and oak is used to make furniture. Wood from alternative trees is used as fuel for preparation and for warming homes

Save Tree Essay Paragraph

forested areas get better rainfall compared to areas with no tree cover. When trees respire, they release oxygen that all living beings need for their survival. trees are immensely useful to all of us. They give us so much, taking almost nothing in return!

They provide us with a charming surrounding and share their wealth with us so selflessly. Therefore, it is our duty that we must play an important role in saving trees and spreading awareness about this. If trees are being cut at this speed, that day is not far when we will have to see a life without trees. Trees are an important part of this environment, as we are. Without Trees, there is no life. Thus, if trees are being cut, we must grow more and more trees.

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