Save Water Save Life Short an Essay Paragraph

Save Water Save Life: Water is the basic requirement for life on earth. All metabolic activities require water.

Water is largely needed in domestic activities, industries, agriculture, and construction. For these activities, the sources of water are limited to rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, and rainwater.

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Though 70 % of the earth surface is water, only 3% is fresh water. Thus, for the consumption of water by the world, very little water is left.

Consequently, the problem of water shortage arises. The solution to the problem of water shortage is only through effective management and conservation of water.

Water conservation refers to reducing the usage of water and recycling of wastewater.
Water conservation is possible by two main steps, cleanliness of the water and saving water from wastage.

Not only is the cleanliness of the water at issue, but the amount of water that we need is a concern. To ensure that we have a sufficient amount of water available, we need to teach and practice good water conservation techniques.

Save water Essay in English

For practicing water conservation at the domestic level, local communities should take an active part in planning and implement water management schemes.

People should look for appliances that reduce water use, like washing machines, dishwashers, shower heads, taps etc, having excellent water efficiency. Installing flow regulators, turning off the taps while not in use, etc will help in conserving water largely.

Efficient agriculture use of water is the major step in conserving water. Proper canals should be made to divert the water efficiently in all the parts of the farms.

Sprinkles should be installed so that the flow of water is regulated to all the areas. A huge amount of water is required for agriculture, therefore proper management techniques have to be introduced to save water. essay that

Rainwater harvesting is another measure of water conservation. Rainwater harvesting is the accumulating and storing of rainwater for reuse before it reaches the aquifer.

It has been accustomed to give drink, water for a placental mammal, water for irrigation, further as different typical uses.

rain collected from the roofs of houses and local institutions can make an important contribution to the availability of drinking water. It will supplement the dirt water level and increase urban greenery.

It can be helpful in flushing bathrooms, laundry garments, watering the garden, and laundry cars; these uses alone 0.5 the quantity of water utilized by a typical home   Forest conservation is a way to water conservation.

Save Water Essay an Short Word

Forests are important water regulators. Their root structure, soak up the water and keep releasing it slowly throughout the year. It thus contributes to replenishing groundwater supplies, reducing soil erosion, and releasing moisture into the atmosphere.

Recycling the industrial water is another method of managing water. Industries throw out a lot of wastewater which can be recycled through installing water recycling plants and reusing the water.

Wastewater treatment and avoiding water pollution are the effective means of water conservation. Pollution can be stopped immediately on an individual level which will collectively reduce water pollution greatly.

In our country, people also pollute the river water by throwing garbage, ashes, and wastes in rivers. They wash their clothes; take bath in the river which makes it even further dirty. Water can be kept clean and conserved for further use.

The factories dispose of their chemicals and garbage in the river water which makes it (dirty. This water cannot be used further for any domestic purpose. The main source for water consumption is rivers.

If the river water gets polluted, it is harmful for consumption. The factories thus take steps to keep the river water clean.

If individually, we make efforts to save water and keep the water clean, water can be conserved largely. We can’t imagine our lives without water. Therefore, the time has come that we should wake up and start conserving water at each and every step.

To preserve the existence of life on earth, the protection and protection of water is very important because life without water is not possible.As an exception to the entire universe, water helps in continuing life cycle on earth because the earth is the only planet where water and life exist.

Short an Essay Save Water Save Life

The need for water in our lifetime, so only we are responsible for protecting it. According to the operation of the United Nations, it has been found that girls in Rajasthan do not go to school because they have to travel long distances to bring water which spoils their entire day, so they do not get time for any other work is.

According to the survey of National Crime Records Bureau, it has been recorded that about 16,632 farmers (2,369 women) have lost their lives by suicide, although 14.4% have happened due to drought.

That is why we can say that due to illiteracy, suicides, fighting and other social issues in India and other developing countries, there is also a shortage of water.

In such areas of water scarcity, children of the future generation cannot achieve the right to live with their basic education and live happily.

Being a responsible citizen of India, we should keep ourselves aware of all the problems of water shortage, so that we take all the pledges and come forward together for water conservation.

It is right to say that small efforts of all people can give a big result, such as drop-down, can become a pond, river, and ocean.

We do not have to make extra efforts for water conservation, we only need to make some positive changes in our daily activities like after fixing the tap after every use, bucket for washing or bathing instead of fountains or pipe And use mugs. A small effort of lots of people can give a big positive result towards the water conservation campaign

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