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 Gangadhar Nehru

Gangadhar Nehru (1827-1861) was the Kotwal (Chief Police Officer) of Delhi during the Indian Independence Movement. He was the father of independence fighter, Congress leader Motilal Nehru and grandfather of Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister.


Life introduction Born in 1827 AD, Gangadhar Nehru was appointed Kotwal of Delhi sometime back to AD 1857. They were the last Kotwal of Delhi.  After the rebellion of 1857, when British police launched the massacre of the city of Delhi, they went to Agra with their wife, Giordani Devi and four sittans. Four years after his death in 1861 AD in Agra.

Family life: They had three sons. After the establishment of Victoria’s rule in India, the largest Bansheedhar Nehru started working in the then Department of Justice and was posted at different places of India continuously. That’s why he was a little away from the family.

He was the younger Nandlal Nehru, who was a deity of Khetri, a princely state of Rajasthan for almost ten years, later he returned to Agra and got an education of law and then started practicing there only.

They were calculated in the successful lawyers of Agra. Later, due to the establishment of Allahabad High Court, he had to spend most of his time in connection with the lawsuits, so he came to Allahabad permanently for his family and stayed there. He practiced both places in Allahabad and Kanpur.  The third son was Motilal Nehru.

His elder brother, Nandlal Nehru, had a profound influence on him.  Nandalal Nehru was counted among good lawyers of Kanpur, hence Motilal Nehru started his advocacy as his assistant in Kanpur. After Motilal Became a famous lawyer in His son and grandson of Gangadhar Jawaharlal became the first Prime Minister of India.


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