Essay on Street Beggars Short Words Paragraph In English

Street Beggars: Street beggars are a common sight in India. They are seen in almost every city, town, and even village in India. We also come across them in market-places, at bus stops, at the park, at the railway station and many other places. The main areas of their operation are the places of pilgrimage and worship. Some beggars move from place to place, from street to street, and they ask for alms, food, and money. Others used to sit in a fixed place and beg. Beggars generally accept what is given to them. Sometimes, some of them pursue the people, especially the women, to get more money.

Essay on Short Words Street Beggars Paragraph

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A beggar is, no doubt, a sorry figure. He roams from street to street in rags, with shaggy hair and old, torn shoes. Some of them remain barefooted. A beggar carries a bowl where he puts his earnings. He goes begging either alone or in a small group. He always tries his best to attract our attention and pity. Some beggars appeal in a sorrowful voice, while some of them chant hymns loudly.

Some beggars are so young and able-bodied that they do not deserve charity at all. But there are really some poor and weak beggars whom people are generally used to helping. There are crippled, deaf, dumb, lame, blind, or physically handicapped beggars who deserve help from others. Some beggars have sweet voices, and they are seen singing religious songs, especially on trains and buses. They enjoy earning money by begging against their performances.

Essay an Short Street beggars Paragraph

Beggars are seen in a large number at all the religious gatherings and other festivals. There are physically disabled beggars, women begging with babies, very old and diseased beggars, lepers, and other beggars who move or sit in one place and beg.Some beggars besmear themselves with ash and are seen to meditate under a tree. They are mostly cheaters. They deceive innocent men and women and rob them of their money and jewellery.

Beggars live on the earnings of others. They find begging a very easy way of earning money. Again, poverty and unemployment compel some to take to hegging. This is why the number of beggars in India is increasing rapidly. Begging is a curse to every society. Beggars generally suffer from different diseases and carry infections with them. They are responsible, to a large extent, for spreading diseases and other immoral values in society. Many of the beggars are involved in various vices such as stealing, drinking, and gambling.

The system of begging is really a curse in our society. It should immediately be stopped by the government by making a strict law. These young, healthy beggars should be engaged in work in industries or factories. They should be given work according to their abilities. The government may open beggar homes for deserving beggars. They may be taught handicrafts so that they can earn their own bread. The Indian government should think deeply about the begging profession, and legislation should be enacted to solve the problem permanently. We hope to live in a beggar-free India in the future.

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