Street Hawker: Essay on Paragraph The Life of Street Hawker

Street hawker: A street hawker is a person who is seen everywhere we go out. As per the name, a street hawker is seen on the streets, selling several things. Our day to day needs of vegetables, fruits, grocery, etc is fulfilled by street hawkers.

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We cannot imagine our life without street hawkers, especially in our country. As we go out of the house, we find street hawkers standing outside with their big trolleys.

Life of Street Hawker Essay On Paragraph

street hawker: Usually, street hawkers are poor and so they dress up very ordinarily. They lead a tough life. They began their day quite early and go to the wholesale market to buy stuff to sell throughout the day. Then, they hawk their items all day long.

Street hawker: The street hawkers of recent times are smart and dress up nicely and carry cell phones with them. They are often seen talking on cell phones as now, they have started taking orders on phone and deliver the item directly to the home of the customer.

Meet the street hawkers: The unsung heroes of our cities

It is sad that street hawkers have to be on job in the burning sun, heavy rains, and Chilled winters. Their working conditions are sometimes not even hygienic. They have to keep standing in dust and dirt.

Street hawker: Hawkers are very smart. They know well how to attract customers. He rings his bell in a special way to attract the attention of his customers. He sings in a strange and sweet manner to call customers.

The street hawker does hard labor to sell his goods. Whatever price he tells for his item, customers are seen haggling with him always for a small amount of money.

Ladies are always seen bargaining vegetable, fruits, etc with him. The street hawker also gets irritated sometimes and ends up in having small quarrels and fights over a small amount of money.

These days, the Municipal Committee has laid down some rules for the street hawkers. Accordingly, the hawkers are supposed to put on clean clothes, keep the place clean and hygienic, and stand at a fixed place.

Sometimes, the hawkers do not obey the rule and keep the place dirty. They throw the waste around the area which attracts flies and mosquitoes, making the place unhygienic.

The Life of Street Hawker

The hawkers also have to please the municipal corporation by paying them sort of bribes to allow them to stand and sell on the streets. Sometimes, outside the major public places like parks, historical monuments, etc, the hawkers are also threatened by the police to remove their trolley from there. Some policemen are seen are buying things from hawkers without paying.

Hawkers cannot protest this as they will remove them from there. Thus, a street hawker meets a lot of troubles and difficulties to sell his item.

In the late night, when a street hawker returns home, he is eager to meet his family after a long hard day.

The conditions at home usually are bad. The dream of a street hawker is always to own a shop of his own. He saves money for that if he can. He has to provide proper education, food, home to his family. This makes him work hard even more.

Life of a street hawker is tough. We should the respect his hard work and make some efforts to make his life better. We can at least be kind and polite to him and treat him with respect.

It is true that he serves us and we pay him. He is an important part of the society. Even after great difficulties, he comes again another day with a smiling face. We can at least be considerate of him. The Government must make efforts to provide him proper work conditions.

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