Value of Games Essay: Some Line Paragraph

Value of Games and Sports: Fitness is the new craze these days. The new generation has understood the value of games and sports in their lives. Now everybody is actively involved in activities to keep themselves fit.

In the early times also, people were aware of the importance of games and sports but they Physical followed it through few exercises. exercise for women was limited to household chores and laborious work only.

Essay an Short Value of Games

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Physical exercise through playing games is important from the health point of view. Playing games keeps our body energetic, youthful, active, and alert. Exercising and playing any sort of sport is good as it increases the circulation of the blood in the body.

It burns the calories which keep us fit. It thus boosts up our metabolism and improves the digestive and respiratory system. Thus, participation in games and sports invariably ensures good health, fitness and, generally, freedom from ailments of various types. Games are the major source of recreation and enjoyment.

Playing games enables us to divert our mind and attention from stress, worries, and troubles. Games are the stress busters. This reduces the anxieties.

Not only playing but watching the games also is good. For a healthy and positive thinking, it is important for a person to take a break from the work. Here, watching or playing games would be a good source of enjoyment and give mental alertness.

The Value of Games and Sports

Value of Games : Games develop a sportsman spirit in the person involved in playing sports. This enables him to take challenges in life sportingly and bravely without worrying about the consequences.

In any type of games and sports, there always have to be a winner and the looser. By playing games a person is used to accept the winning and losing both. This helps him to be a stronger person mentally also.

In all the situations of life, a sportsman will have a different outlook than a sportsman person. He will always show the courage to take challenges and accept defeat also.

Apart from the sportsman spirit, by playing sports, a person also develops team spirit. Many sports are played together with a team. This helps the person to learn to adjust to other person’s needs also.

He learns to live the strength and the weaknesses of others also. No game can be won with the lack of team spirit in its team members. So are the circumstances in life. No situation can be won without the team spirit.

 A unique quality of sportsman having team spirit is there is a lot of initiative in him. This makes him progressive. Thus, playing games and sports makes the person more social, mentally strong, team player. He becomes a man of principles. Sports persons display punctuality, diplomacy, and self-discipline.

importance of games and sports

Value of Games: Sports are the necessity of our lives. The values of games and sports have not been properly recognized in our country. The importance of this has to be understood from the very early age when children are in school.

The education system needs to be reformed, and equal importance needs to be given to sports and games. Parents fail to understand that games build youngsters sturdy each mentally and physically.

several faculty youngsters become rotundly attributable to lack of participation in games and also the manner they lead. Obesity puts them within the speculative class of getting diseases like polygenic disorder, heart ailments etc.

In obtaining admission in establishments or obtaining jobs, sportsmen receive preference all over. Sports also bring fame and reputation.

Promotion of various sports activity and games will help people to understand the value of games in our lives. Participation in sports and games can improve the health of the state and its voters.

Value of Games: The government has also taken effective measures to promote participation in various sports and games. Playing sports is valued much these days also because of the bright career opportunities.

The face of sports is changing rapidly with time and so its value. We should realize the need to be mentally and physically fit in this fast moving world as the policy of survival of the fittest’ is the call of the time. Fitness will come only through playing games and sports.

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