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Victoria Palace: About Victoria Palace Kolkata History Short Words

Victoria Place: Victoria Memorial is a monument located in the city of Kolkata, West Bengal, which is dedicated to Queen Victoria. It was established in 1905 AD by the British Governor-General Lord Curzon. Currently Victoria Memorial is known as the most visited museum in India.

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Victoria Places of Kolkata Essay Word

In the year 2013-2014, about 20 lakh people of its population and more than 1.3 million people visited the garden separately. The styles of Sarasenic and Renaissance period appear in its Mughal style domes.The Victoria Memorial was established in the form of a special museum in memory of Queen Victoria with a special emphasis on Indo-British history at the initiative of Lord Curzon.

The foundation of the Victoria Memorial was laid in 1906 by the Prince of Wales. It is built on 57 acres of land and is called ‘Taj of Raj’, because the Victoria Memorial recognized as the best specimen of Indo-British architecture in India was opened to the common man in 1921 and in 1935 It was declared a Institute of National Importance by the Government of India Act.

After independence many statues and statues set up by the British in India after the end of colonial rule were removed or replaced with Indian statues or taken to the Victoria Memorial garden.

Prior to the establishment of the Victoria Memorial, the Presidency used to be in jail at this place. It was demolished to build the Victoria Memorial, and it was built in Alipur. The fund was deposited only by the Indians for the construction of this great composition. The donations were collected from the entire country and the magnificent memorial was constructed with the money collected. The British government also added some funds to its creation.

Victoria Palace at Kolkata

You will see the written “VRI” near the gate, which is probably the Victoria Regina Impratrix, which means Victoria Rani and Emperor. This could mean that Victoria, who is Queen of England, is also the Queen of India. There is a strange and secret writing on the same and “Dieu et Mon Droit” is written on the entrance to the Memorial. It means “God and my rights” which point to the right to rule the emperor.

Victoria Memorial Collection – Victoria Memorial Palace Kolkata

There are 28,394 artworks in nine galleries in the Victoria Memorial Collection, which reflect the country’s culture. This monument has a beautiful blend of sculpture

The styles of solar and renaissance are visible in the Mughal style domes. There is a magnificent museum in Memorial, where more than 3,000 items, including Queen Victoria’s piano and study desk are displayed.

The statue of the ‘angel of victory’ is installed on the central dome of the Victoria Memorial. This statue, installed on a large ball bearings, revolves around the air. Like the Taj Mahal, Victoria Memorial is also built with Makrana marble. The creative elements of the dome and other compositions here are like the design of Taj Mahal. Around the central dome there are several allegory (algorithmic) statues installed which show art, architecture, kindness, justice, love, education and discretion.

There are 25 galleries in the Victoria Memorial. These galleries have Murthy Gallery, Majestic Gallery, Central Hall, Portrait Gallery, Arms and Arsenal Gallery and Kolkata Gallery. Other exhibitions of the museum include exhibitions of old coins, stamps and maps.

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