Life in Village Essay on Short Words Paragraph in English

Life in Village : Villages are the face of our country. A true picture of our India can be seen in a village. We say that our country has developed but life in a village is still very different from what we see in cities. In the villages, there are mostly mud houses with thatched roofs.

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Village In Life Essay on Short Words Paragraph

Life in Village : The houses are very small with just one or two rooms in it. The kitchen is in a corner with no proper gas burner. Villagers cook food on burning wood or stove.

Villagers have to get water from a river or a well. It may be far off from their houses, so they have to travel huge distance from their houses. Sometimes, they take bath in rivers only.

Most villagers are farmers. People don’t have too many occupations in the village. There is just one school between two or three villages, or sometimes there is no school at all in villages.

Same applies to the hospitals also. People have to travel long to reach the dispensaries. These basic amenities are not there which make the life of the villagers tough. There are no set up of markets. For the villagers, the market is set up once in a week only.

Village In Life Essay for School Student

Means of communication in the village are few. Many houses still do not have televisions, phones, radio, etc. Computers and internet have not even reached to some of the villages. It is still a wonder to them.

Life in Village: Villagers live in a poor and unhygienic condition. Mostly houses own some animals like cows, buffaloes, etc for milk. They have to feed these animals too. These animals make the place dirty.

In the villages, there are proper roads and lights are not there. Now, in most of the villages, electricity has reached which has made their life better largely.

Essay on Paragraph Village In Life

Villagers tolerate all the seasons like summers, rains, and winter with great difficulty. They don’t have proper means to live their life conveniently. They are used to work hard and meat the ends.

The main reason for this is that they are uneducated.The government is now making policies for the betterment of the villagers. They are now setting up schools, colleges, hospitals, dispensaries, post offices, etc to make the villages self-sufficient.

Introduction to new advancements and technology is also given to make the villagers aware of the outside world. Many schools are there for the adults which are conducted in the evening. The villagers attend it after work.

More than half of the population of our country is living in the villages. Our country is developing but the actual development that is required is in the villages. This will make our country more advanced.

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