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Amusement Park: Amusement Park The concept of funfair was much popular in the ancient times as it was the big source of entertainment. Funfairs were set in big and small cities temporarily. Funfairs had various attractions for people of all age groups. They are also known as carnivals or meals.

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Amusement Park

A funfair hosts different types of joyrides such as merry go round, swings, giant wheels, etc. The main charms of the funfair are the food stalls. Food items of different states and countries attract people.

Funfairs have many other attractions like shooting games, throwing Tings, talent shows, etc. Clowns also entertain people by their funny actions

In funfairs, various shows are conducted to entertain the public. These are either done by making animals do various amazing acts. some dangerous performances by trapeze artists enthrall the audience.

Puppet shows are very popular with children and adults alike. There are many fancy items and handicrafts on sale from all over the country. Funfairs are a very cheap source of entertainment. They also reflect part of our culture.

These funfairs have been now commercialized and revamped. These have taken the face of amusement parks which more or less function on the similar lines.

The difference is that amusement parks are usually in big cities and are hi-tech. They are also very expensive and out of reach for many.

Amusement parks have become popular and a good attraction for family outings. These are more safe and hygienic.

These amusement parks are set up permanently unlike funfairs which traveled from place to place. Theme parks such as Disneyland and Universal Studios are the most popular amusement parks of the world.

About Essay Paragraph Amusement Park

Apart from the various attractions, theme parks have rides for children and adults. These parks require extensive planning. Every detail of entertaining with safety is kept in mind.

New concepts are experimented with which proves to be a benchmark in the entertainment industry. This also symbolizes the advancement in technology.

Usually, amusement parks are divided into various parts according to themes like the Toyland, the Adventureland, the Land of Tomorrow, Fantasyland, Hollywood, etc.

Joyrides are the most popular attractions in an amusement park. There are various rides like roller coaster ride, merry go round, Flying Elephant, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel and Mad Tea Party.

Amusement parks also host few amazing shows of various types of light and sound shows, laser light shows, etc. There are special SD and 4D movie theatres which give visitors a new experience.

With gaining popularity, these amusement parks are spreading to all the parts of the world. Water parks are very popular in our country. Visitors love to dive into the deep waters or slidé down the twisted slides. Many water parks also have rain dance parties.

Sadly visiting amusement parks are becoming a status symbol with the rich and modern societies. We have forgotten the simple pleasures of puppet shows or traditional music and dance in the funfairs. These art forms are now dying in the wake of such hi-tech amusement parks.

Families in smaller cities are seeking more economic forms of leisure. Funfairs and amusement parks hold a special place in our lives and everybody in this world desires to visit them at least once in their lifetime.

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