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WhatsApp New Feature Can Join Video Call 32 people

WhatsApp New Feature: WhatsApp has finally released a new feature for all its regular users. Through the Create Call Link feature, WhatsApp users can create a link for an audio or video call, just like Zoom and Google Meet.

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WhatsApp New Feature:

The “Create Call Link” feature has been available for limited users till now. But now this instant messaging app owned by Meta has been released for all Android users as well as iOS and iPhone users. If this feature is not showing up in your WhatsApp, then update the app from your App Store.

First, update WhatsApp to version After this, go to WhatsApp to see if this feature is available in your app or not. The “Create a Call” link feature will appear at the top of the Call section. We are telling you everything about the ‘Create Call Link’ feature. Learn the step-by-step method.

How to use WhatsApp to create a call link

  • First, go to WhatsApp and tap on the Calls section.
  • After this, you will see the ‘Create Call link-Share a link for your WhatsApp call’ option at the top.
  • Now tap on the Create Call link and after that, an interface will open in WhatsApp where you will see the default call option and a link for video call.
  • After this, below the link, you will see four options: Call type, Send link via WhatsApp, Copy link, and Share link.
  • Now under Call Type you will see two options-Video and Voice. To create a link for an audio call, tap on Voice.
  • On the other hand, if you want to share the link on WhatsApp, then tap on ‘Send link via WhatsApp’.
  • If you want to copy the link, then tap on ‘Copy link’.
  • If you want to share the link with other apps, tap on the ‘Share link’ option.

According to WhatsApp, up to 32 people can join a video call through a link. Previously, only eight people could join a WhatsApp video call, whereas up to 32 people could be connected via a voice call.