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William Shakespeare: The Greatest Playwright of All Time, Essay Life Story

William Shakespeare: William Shakespeare Was an English Poet, playwright, and actor who was an important and famous writer of English language.

He is also known as the National Poet of England and the “Bird of Evan”. His highest responsibilities include 38 plays, 154 episodes of glasses, two long stories, and verse from verse and writing.

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English Poet William Shakespeare  Short Biography

His plays became different languages and the playwright acted in his play Bahayet.After marrying Anne Hathaway at Shakespeare’s age at 18, Stoofert was born on Anne, Susan and Jr.

Hamnet and Judith, who gave birth to three children. In 1585-1592, he became Lord Chamberlain Maine, an actor in London, an actor, writer, and co-owner. In 1613, at the age of 49, he retired from Stratford and died almost three years later.Shakespeare has done a lot of work from 1598 to 1613.

His first essay and dramas were generally playful. Later, in 1608 he wrote tragic plays with Hamlet, Othello, King Lear and Macbeth.

At the end of his time, he wrote the tragic sultanas drama. It includes some exciting dramas that this story has also been published in her poem. In 1623, Shakespeare’s two friends and follower actor John Hamming and Henry Condell published the post of folios in the late 20th to 21st centuries, reprinting the modern poet and publishing it and publishing it.

It starts to be done in the final plays, Shakespeare got a mature life, there were various experiences in the life of the Divine, whose revelation was seen in his work. Romance is a fantasy in the field of love, and the poet’s mind is royal to youth and youth.

Essay an Short Story William Shakespeare

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The sad play reveals a sad experience that makes life poisonous. Such plays were created due to Shakespeare’s creation, in which his perfect intellectuals were followed. Life comes after the depression, so it is important to bring equality of thought and behavior.

From this final drama, the conclusion is that mercy and forgiveness are more important than jealousy and revenge. Due to their serious moral message, these plays have special significance Shakespeare’s creative genius had a very high level and he had knowledge of the laws of art.

They were happy with nature, so whether they touched or turned into gold, their writings are not only glorious for English but the immortal soul of the universe.

Shakespeare’s imagination was similar to his life experience. Therefore, his achievements in his drama and his poetry, on the other hand, we get a serious lifeline from his creation.

In the history of worldly history, less poet Shakespeare’s comparisons are found.

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