Write an Essay Crimes in Cities Class 10

Crimes in Cities: Today, with the quick development of big cities and towns, crimes are also increasing. There are thefts, burglaries, robberies, murders, rapes, and whatnot. We often have to face pickpocketing while travelling by bus or train. Again, there are other types of crime like drug abuse, illegal trafficking, smuggling, theft of vehicles, etc. All these crimes have made the common citizen’s life restless. They naturally feel insecure in the presence of anti-social elements.

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Criminals and anti-social people today more or less enjoy the protection of political leaders. Kidnappers, rapists, murderers, smugglers, and other criminals have the courage to commit crimes boldly under political patronage. Thus, the political links of the criminals have complicated matters.

Write an article on the Increasing Crime

Sometimes, rich men or business stalwarts are kidnapped for ransom. Again, old, retired, or lonely men or women living in posh areas of the cities are easy targets for these criminals. Often, the criminals take the help of the servant or maid-servant of those lonely, aged men or women. Sometimes, the servants murder their aged masters, loot all of their belongings, and leave the place secretly. Very often, they are caught and punished.

It is true that due to the increasing population of big cities, crimes are also increasing. The police and administration are to blame for the deterioration of law and order in the cities. Sometimes, policemen are related to the crimes, and they get their share of the loot.

Today, crimes are being committed in an organised way. Criminals have turned professionals, and anyone can hire them to do a crime against money. The crime situation in all the big cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Chennai is almost the same. Sometimes, well-educated young men of good families have been found involved in many crimes. They are mostly drug-addicted sons of rich families.

Mumbai is the most famous city for prostitution and child abuse. It is the centre of many economic offences. The mafias of drugs, land, and arms have a well-spread network in Mumbai. The criminals here have nationwide and international connections and links. Again, the slum colonies have given rise to the rate of crime in the cities. The slums are truly the dens of all sorts of crimes. Child criminals are also on the rise.

Modern films and TV serials have helped spread crime among young people. The criminals imitate what they watch in films or TV serials. We cannot neglect the fact that unemployment and frustration among modern youth have led them to become involved in crimes in many cases. The refusal of their ladylove sometimes turns them to kill the girls or their relatives.

The police force and the administration should be made more efficient to solve the problems of crime. The criminals should be severely punished according to their crimes. Those who are not professional criminals should be judged sympathetically so that they may one day return to their normal course of life.

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