Beach: Descriptive Writing About A Beach Essay On Short Words

Beach: It was a beautiful weather when we got up in the morning. It was our holiday too, so father decided to take us to the beach. We invited our cousins also. Just after breakfast, we packed our bags with our swimsuits, beach toys, eatables, etc., and we were off to the beach.

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A Beach Essay On Short Words

Beach: When we reached there, we found a good place under a tree where we kept our things. There were a lot of people enjoying themselves around the beach. Some were wading through the water. We first fixed the big umbrella in the sand. My sister and I could not wait to enjoy the cool weather. We decided to take a walk on the beach.

It was quite windy. We loved walking on the sand. The sound of the waves at short intervals was amazing. We decided to sit down and just listen to the sound. It gave a calm and soothing effect on our ears and mind: We could see the horizon where the earth and sky seemed to meet. The golden sand, clear water of the sea and the blue sky were making it a pleasant sight. I clicked a lot of pictures with my camera.

 Writing About A Beach Essay On Short Words

I was lost in taking pictures when I heard somebody calling me. I looked around and saw that my cousins were already enjoying in the water. I ran fast and dived into the water. We had a great time splashing water on each other, swimming and playing games.

We were lucky to see some small fishes swimming near the shore. We tried catching them with our hands but they slipped away. My father informed us about the variety of freshwater and saltwater fishes found in seas and oceans. After a while, we came out of the water and had lunch. It was getting hot so we decided to rest for a while under the shade.


When it cooled a little, we took out our beach toys and started making a big sand castle. It took a long time but the castle turned out to be a beautiful one. I collected some leaves and shells from the shore and decorated the castle with them. It was then time for some games again. We played a game of volleyball and frisbee. a It was almost time for sunset and the sea looked amazingly beautiful as the color of the sky and sea were changing every moment. We sat down to observe the beautiful scenery. It was then time to go home. We collected some seashells from the shore and took them home.

A visit to a Beach- Paragraph Essay Words

It was a wonderful day at the beach. We had a great time enjoying the water. The only thought that was bothering me was that the visitors were littering the beach with a waste material such as plastic bags and bottles, disposables, etc. The waves carry these into the water thus making it dirty and filthy. This makes it inhabitable for many sea animals and some of them die because of the pollution. Apart from this, people also throw away leftover food on the beach which attracts stray animals. was People should be responsible for the cleanliness of their o surroundings.

Water pollution is harmful to animals and human alike. Proper steps should be taken to keep the beaches clean and control activities that lead to water pollution. I, on my part, decided to make efforts to keep the beaches clean by avoiding the use of plastic bags and bottles.

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