Water Pollution Essay in English : What Causes Easy Definition

Essay on Water Pollution: Water covers three-fourths of the surface of the earth. It is the main source of livelihood. In spite of plenty of water on the earth, several factors affect to limit the amount of water available for human use.

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Essay on Water Pollution of effects Essay Paragraph 

Water Pollution Essay: Water Pollution is one of the major factors. Water pollution is the presence of harmful material, such as sewage, dissolved metals, waste from farms and factories, crude oil spilled from shipwrecked tankers, etc., in water.

Mainly, water sources Likes Rivers, ponds and lakes are polluted by the wastes from factories. Wastage is dumped in the river which dissolves with the water and contaminates it.

near by lakes and rivers are used by human for their own consumption. People in the villages use the river water for bathing, washing clothes, bathing their animals, etc.

This pollutes the water greatly. people also throw wastes like garbage, plastic bags, and various things in rivers. Also sometimes, the drainage of the house is also directed in rivers.

Pollution Essay Paragraph Causes of Water 

In the seas and oceans, where big ships travel long distances, oil spills from their tankers and floats in the water. This is harmful to animals in the sea. pollution causes harm to living things in the water.

Every year many fishes and other water animals die due to water pollution. It is also dangerous for humans. Animals that drink water from the polluted source of water die too.

For the general livelihood and the support of their varied technical and agricultural activities, human depends upon limited sources of water found in freshwater lakes, rivers and groundwater supplies.

Water is usually used for industrial and municipal functions. in order to make sure the standard, it’s vital to watch facility throughout taking all the aspects

Essay on Water Pollution For School Student

Though there are techniques to purify the polluted water, but not every place of the world has that. People are drinking and using polluted water. Drinking polluted water causes many diseases like typhoid, jaundice, etc.

Fresh water must be used always for drinking and cooking. In addition, polluted water also causes skin diseases if used for bathing.

Spreading awareness about water pollution and taking steps to control it is our responsibility. We are using it and we are polluting it. Therefore, for the sake of all living things, it is our duty to control water pollution.

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